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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do you ship clones?

A: Please contact a sales rep for custom orders.


Q: What if I'm only available during certain hours of the week?

A: We will do our best to work with your schedule.


Q: I would like to order 25, but I would like several different strains? How do I choose this option?

A: We allow up to 3 different strains per order.


Q: What if I don't see the strain(s) I'm looking for?

A: We carry over 30 different strains. Call for availability as we do get new strains in weekly.  If we do not carry the one you are looking for we can tell you where to find it.

Q: What is the minimum requirement to place an order?

A: We require a minimum of 10 Clones to schedule an appointment.


Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Please give us a call (714) 583-5751 

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